You can buy coffee from us to brew at home too.


Our house blend is Arboretum from Darkwoods Coffee and we are happy to sell it to you by the bag either as beans or we can grind it to your specification here for you to brew yourself at home.

In addition we try other blends and types from Darkwoods from many parts of the coffee world. We are coffee enthusiasts and will happily share our enthusiasm with you.

Why not come and try it first and we can talk about it. Latest blend arrivals and specials will be announced on our Facebook page. Keep in touch!

Not just coffee but the kit too.

If you want to brew your own, then we can supply some of the kit to make the best of it, although our lovely La Marzocco machine here really makes the best of any coffee.

And we don't sell them!

This Kalita brew cup is ideal for whatever should be in here. We can also source coffee presses and  pouring pots for other sorts of brews. They make the very best of the fine beans and ground coffee we offer.

They also make great gifts for the coffee fanatic. Ask us all about them next time you pop in.